2020 JA Summit - Provider Best Practices - Shared screen with speaker view
Austen Aquino [she/her]
***** Materials and info available at https://jointaccreditation.org/2020-joint-accreditation-leadership-summit *****
Marcia Martin
Please feel free to chat in any follow-up questions that you have or any other questions that you had after listening to the lightning talks for our panelists.
JA - Kate Regnier
We learned to give longer breaks than we might for in-person meetings...to allow folks to step away, get something to eat, check email.
Maureen Dawson
We’ve been more productive in the remote environment versus vs. in person. In terms of event support, travel costs aren’t an issue, as well as, commuting.
*Jessica Joseph
We've learned that it's really important to reiterate any system requirements to learners in multiple communications (not just on the registration page)
Watkins, Melissa
We've had the same experience with virtual format that Kim describes and plan to keep it as a component of the live session when we return to inperson events.
Sheila Hall
Prior to COVID, I personally had never coordinated any of my activities via a virtual platform. e were fortunate to have a system that has it's own virtual platform that I was able to utilize and train on.
JA - Kate Regnier
We have learned to try to make space (virtually) for human connection, not just content. So, for example - using the zoom breakout rooms for casual lunch discussion; virtual happy hour; using recorded presentations (lightening talks) to allow more time for discussion...
Tracey Simon- MedStar Health
We do that same thing Lolita! Activity Directors can record their RSS's, and we can take the MP4 files and make them Internet Enduring for those who could not attend.
Sheila Hall
I agree with Kim and Lolita as well, I think most of our events will stay virtual due to the convenience and it's more cost efficient. Our attendees are now getting use to it and won't want to go back to face to face.
*Laura Werts - Cincinnati Children's
One item that has come up in meeting planning forums is the cost and time associated with hybrid events, particularly those taking place in hotels/conference centers. Additionally, planning a truly interactive experience for in-person vs virtual might mean dual work. Any thoughts?
Peggy Paulson
Many of our programs will remain virtual or change to a blended model.
Annette Donawa
My team agrees at Jefferson - dual work for planning a hybrid meeting because you are planning a live and a virtual event; different price points for registration; maintaining social distancing, etc.
Peggy Paulson
I'm interested to hear if the panel members have insights into whether the destination type courses, e.g. Hawaii, will remain live only and be full because people are Zoomed out and want the face to face contact. Or will people stay away and want the virtual to keep their options open. Also, what about the organizations paying for learners to travel to destination, live attendance, in the future.
Jessica Burkybile
Healthcare is a 24-7-365 operation so expecting a large amount of clinicians and learners at the same time is not reasonable. Therefore, I appreciate COVID for helping me drive home the need for making recordings available to learners after the fact of an activity to my leadership.
JA - Kate Regnier
Great questions, Peggy. We are living an experiment right now. Will be interesting to see how this evolves in hybrid format a year from now.
Whitney Faler
Pre-COVID, we were hosting in-person with a live web stream already that we would record and then post as an enduring. It allows for maximum exposure for audiences with different schedules and for those that prefer live vs. recording.
Concetta Phillipps
@Peggy, if you look at the innovation happening in the tech sector and in K12, Zooming is only the first blast of remote teaching that is out there. I'm looking forward to the MS Teams release of the virtual coffeehouse, the well being features, etc. that integrate those human touchpoints into the virtual world.
Peggy Paulson
Has anyone surveyed learners to hear whether they would be amenable to show up for a live in conference and having some of the faculty continue to be virtual. Or is there an expectation that if the learners are live that the faculty are live as well. Likely not all faculty could be virtual but it would be a good experiment.
Mila Kostic
It is becoming challenging to find the time for all the excellent content available for free online from terrific sources….brings me back to the not so original thought that our role as contextualized curators might become even more important these days.
Angela Willson
Totally agree, Mila!
Kim DuQue Urdialez
what about monitoring for commercial bias?
*Laura Werts - Cincinnati Children's
@Mila - yes!
Concetta Phillipps
@Mila - absolutely!
Abby Reed-Hawaii Pacific Health
We have an offering coming up in November, if all holds on the COVID front in the state, that will be Live & Virtual. Live, 10 people max that are socially distanced and the rest will be virtual for the live class.
How are those who are excelling at interaction and learner participation during a virtual presentation translating engagement this to enduring material?
Mary Strong
Our colleagues in education are doing that everyday (hybrid teaching) some students in class, some at home
Concetta Phillipps
@Peggy - pre-COVID, we would often have speakers who couldn't travel mixed with in person speakers. It was a lot of fun when the in-person speaker was prepared to engage the audience and weave in the remote speakers. The challenge is often making sure that the inperson speaker understands they need to engage for both their section and the remote speakers. Often we needed a facilitator for just this duty to be in a session.
John Juchniewicz
Agree with Kathy about faculty reskilling. Doing interactive activities online is very different from in-person and requires faculty using different tools/skills to make successful.
Elizabeth Fritz
@Peggy, we talked about that in our recent sudy comparing remote and live participant evaluations. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32826421/
Heidi Keeler
We have done that at UNMC
Mary Corry
We recently did a conference as virtual and live and it went really well. Both participants were happy with the results.
Peggy Paulson
And, will they feel differently after the pandemic vs. last year or the year before....etc.
*Laura Werts - Cincinnati Children's
Thanks for sharing, @Elizabeth!
Angela Willson
@Elizabeth, thank you for sharing the article!
Maureen Dawson
Same with DHA J-7 CEPO.
Barbara Flakus
We provide discussion boards for all of our association members to talk with one another across the US and those in other countries. There we can post all pre- and post-activity support content.
Concetta Phillipps
Thanks @Elizabeth!
Peggy Paulson
Thank you for the discussion.
Christopher Dennison
Do we anticipate the relaxation of rules in terms of having to create a new activity type from these live internet to enduring activities?
Jessica Burkybile
I'm most interested in figuring out how to convert some of our internet live sessions into audio podcasts. That would be a post-event learning format that I would take advantage of.
Angela Willson
Good question @Christopher - creating the two activities is a burden for a large number of activities.
Whitney Faler
We’ve created educational hubs for various therapeutic areas that have activities and resources for professionals and have built a few for patients as well.
*Laura Werts - Cincinnati Children's
@Christopher - that would be very helpful (i.e. not having to report the same activity twice just because it's recorded)
Jessica Burkybile
@Christopher - great question and one I'm interest in as well.
Maureen Dawson
@ Laura Burns - Are you speaking about word play or word scramble? Or actually a full on graphic that using a mixture of several mediums?
Peggy Paulson
@Christopher @Angela, agree that this is time consuming for all.
Belinda Spatola
how can we hire a graphic artist for a virtual CE event?
Kim DuQue Urdialez
Are there any recommendations for how to handle virtual activities since we have little to no control over their Zoom background areas, what is said, and joint provided platforms? Organizational logos, etc...
John Juchniewicz
@Christopher That would be nice.
Timothy Young
@odile, good question. Discussion board, or questions in mid-video, essentially making it an interactive course online, but that requires quite a bit of time and cost
JA - Kate Regnier
Good questions/suggestions about the activity reporting or requirements for different formats. JA can definitely look at that to see what simplification we could offer/add...
Angela Willson
Thank you Kate!
Maureen Dawson
Does the graphic artist illustrate using Photoshop or other graphic program and then share at the appropriate time?
Sheila Hall
I coordinate quite a few 'case' based multidisciplinary activities and the presenters seem to love the virtual format better due to their hectic schedules. Since the patient's care requires input from radiology, pathology, oncology, geneticists and surgeons, it's very challenging for them to meet face-to-face. I'm so excited to be able to provide a virtual platform that makes it easier and more convenient for the physicians to better care for and assist them in improving patient care. So I guess it all depends on the activity format.....didactic vs. case based (open) discussion activities.
Christopher Dennison
Kate- that would be wonderful. We did a really popular RSS COVID series and didn't archive them because it was onerous to create new activities.
Mary Strong
some great ideas!
Timothy Young
@Kim, we have all our speakers request remote control from us(the host) so we control what's on the screen all the time and attendees aren't seeing random desktops or anything else
Mila Kostic
I think it is a potentially new area for us…. we have expert faculty who are plugged in their fields nationally and internationally, so including them in those roles and building learning communities where the larger amount of content from relevant and relatable sources is curated and summarized and available asynchronously but then they can provide synchronous discussion opportunities that relate to practice context…. it reduces the barriers and allows for meaningful engagement.
Kim DuQue Urdialez
@Timothy, thank you. :-)
Barbara Flakus
Thank you Kate!!!!! Please keep us posted!
Diana Durham Stanford CCME
We had calligraphy, cooking and wine tasting and game breaks too
Sarah C
Jam Board link: https://support.google.com/jamboard/answer/7424836?hl=en
Kathryn Troy
Slack is a great tool to keep in touch throughout the day!
Barb Anderson, UW Madison
We use Slack. We've set up person to person communication and some fun channels where we can share the "watercooler" conversations.
Laura Burns
Thank you! I will investigate Slack!
JA - Kate Regnier
We have done a virtual cooking class with our staff; played Kahoot quiz game online; no camera Wednesdays; virtual happy hour.
*Laura Werts - Cincinnati Children's
Teams is good for collaboration, too
Sheila Hall
Frequent team communication and updates are very important. We have a couple of meeting each week to just share what we want on a personal level, what are we working on, if we need help with anything...… They keep us connected and aware. They are very helpful and supportive
Jessica Burkybile
I've been thinking it might be interesting to create a Slack channel for Joint Accreditation providers as a way to connect and share thoughts, questions, etc.
SueAnn Macellaro
Kim good suggestions
*Jessica Joseph
@Jessica that's a great idea!
Concetta Phillipps
@Jessica - I'd join :-)
Kim DuQue Urdialez
@Jessica, it would definitely be a great place to get some guidance and help with those difficult questions.
Angela Willson
I would join that as well! Would love opps to connect more
Fiza Scaletty
@Jessica - I'd certainly join that! Great idea!
Kim Honcharenko - Children's Minnesota
Unfortunately, many organizations do not allow use of Slack, ours in one :(
Zelda Gilliam
Love this idea, I'd join!!!
Dorrie Murray
I second that!! I'd join as well!
Whitney Faler
@Jessica, I think a CME/IPCE Slack would be fantastic
Corinne Wilcox-Schowalter
This panel has been amazing, thank you to all the panelists for their insights and great energy!
Kurt Snyder
Stanford plans on launching a community platform soon that will support multiple conversations. Email me if interested. It will be free. Kurt.snyder@stanford.edu.
Jessica Burkybile
I have created a Slack channel and will figure out how to share this with everyone who wants to join. I understand that some organization may not allow it but I have it on my personal cell phone and use it at home from time to time.
Sheila Hall
Great panel discussion! Thank you!!
SueAnn Macellaro
Thanks for great ideas!
Christopher Dennison
Thank you
Leila Darden
Great panel!!
Jessica Burkybile
Thanks to the panel! This was a very interesting discussion.
Timothy Young
Unrelated problem, but technology is moving to fast, everyone has their own preference for platforms, and new ones come out everyday, so it makes it difficult to collabroate
*Jessica Joseph
SOunds great, thanks @Jessica
*Laura Werts - Cincinnati Children's
Concetta Phillipps
thanks for the great discussion!
Abby Reed-Hawaii Pacific Health
Mahalo all
*Laura Werts - Cincinnati Children's
@Jessica - great!
Amy Bernard
Great discussion of creative practices! thank you!
Zelda Gilliam
Great discussion, much appreciated!!
Diana Durham Stanford CCME
Love the chat!
*Jessica Joseph
@Jessica - i think if you right click on the channel, there's a "Copy link"
*Jessica Joseph
you can share that link in the chat during the next session
Jessica Burkybile
@Jessica - will do!